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HR Process Outsourcing

Nowadays, HR needs to focus on delivering strategic solutions rather than spending time on scorecards and forms. We help your HR to achieve that goal. A well-functioning HR department requires trained staff with local expertise and effective tools. Our HR solutions are designed to optimize the performance of your HR managers, bringing them useful tools and knowledge to resolve time-consuming problems more efficiently.

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With utmost professional objectivity and independence as well as unrivalled technical expertise, we strive to ensure that your path to success is unhindered by any potential risks and pitfalls as much as possible.

Talent Mobility Solutions

Global and regional economic integration encourage businesses to identify competitive locations to expand/relocate.CW can assist your non-local staff to go through the formalities of obtaining the right to work across the border in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Payroll Outsourcing

CW provides you with an integrated cloud-based platform for employees working hours and attendance tracking, overtime tracking, vacation and sick leave tracking and scheduling management. CW’s payroll team will make sure that the employer, as well as each employee, are in compliant of the local rules and regulations on tax declarations and social welfare contributions in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Administrative work and compliance issues can be extremely distracting. Hiring a local staff that undertake some basic operational duties can be a solution for freeing your time to focus on business development. CW’s recruitment services cover accounting, human resources, and administrative functions from entry to mid-level positions.

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