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CW CPA is a professional advisory firm owned and managed by Thomas Wong and Rosanna Choi. CW CPA has offices strategically located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai in mainland China, Barcelona in Spain, London in the UK and Bogotá in Colombia. We have teams of experienced multilingual professionals who are dedicated to serving clients.


Thomas Wong & Rosanna Choi

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What We Do

Our Services

As a one-stop provider, we offer the whole spectrum of professional services tailored to your individual needs all under one roof.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

We are up to date with and very well-versed in local legislation and requirements in both mainland China and Hong Kong as well as with international and local accounting standards.

Audit and Assurance

CW CPA provides independent assurance on financial and other information to comply with regulatory requirements as well as individual stakeholder needs. We carry out our audits in accordance with relevant International and Hong Kong audit standards.

Corporate Secretarial

Hong Kong is the key gateway for doing business in mainland China and Asia. CW’s team has advised clients for almost 30 years on how to successfully set up in the region by building up strategies on using a Hong Kong company as a stepping stone into Greater China.

HR Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing HR functions offers the perfect solution by allowing you to focus on issues that matter to you the most and also provide the opportunity to increase efficiency whilst driving down costs.

Tax Advisory

We provide tailor-made tax solutions that support your business needs, including managing your exposure to tax, optimising tax efficiency and helping you cope with the changing tax environment.

China Consulting

China is the epitome of growth and opportunity and is considered by many to be the destination of the best investment proposition. We help you navigate complexity in your China businesses.

We Are Open for Cooperation!

We are the destination to which businesses go for growth by leveraging our preeminent expertise, resourcefulness and connectivity with business associates and contacts in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and beyond.

Why Choose Us

We Are A One-Stop Solution of Professional Services.

Our philosophy of putting our clients at the centre of everything we do is reflected in our commitment to providing a comprehensive and integrated solution delivered in an efficient and timely manner.

Quality Control

CW goes beyond ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. We focus on processes and control.


We have teams of experienced multilingual professionals who are dedicated to serving clients.

How We Work

Our Processes

We excel in what we do because we readily put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and attend meticulously to their every need. We understand that no two clients are the same, nor do we believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.


If you decide to approach us, we will offer a one-hour free consultation session to understand your background, pain points and objectives.


Based on facts we will present our proposal of solutions. We guide you through the steps required to achieve your business goals.


Once you have agreed to engage us, we shall carry out the solutions provided by the consultancy. We remain deeply involved in the process, offering strategic advice as we move forward.


Request a Consultation

Fill out our consultation form to request a consultation. We shall contact you within 24 hours.

The future of audit: How technology is changing the landscape of audit and assurance services

The future of audit: How technology is changing the landscape of audit and assurance services

With more sources of data input that go beyond the limits of historical data coming into play, the nature of the audit process will undergo a transformation: from an essentially reactive exercise delivered in hindsight into an increasingly forward-oriented and anticipatory endeavour. In this article, we discuss different ways technology is reshaping the landscape of audit and the concomitant risks.

Hong Kong: New Inspection Regime Phase II

Hong Kong: New Inspection Regime Phase II

Hong Kong brings the Companies Register’s New Inspection Regime into operation phase by phase from August 2021 to December 2023 to limit the disclosure of personal data in the Companies Registry. Under Phase 2 of the new inspection regime, usual residential addresses and full identification numbers on the Index of Directors on the Companies Register are replaced with correspondence addresses and partial identification numbers for public inspection.

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