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Accounting and Financial Reporting

Administrative matters can distract you from your core business. This is especially so when doing business in mainland China where dealing with local authorities can be costly in terms of time and effort. Furthermore, complying with all the rules and regulations that may be subject to change overnight and have different interpretations and applications in different districts, which often requires your undivided attention and full alertness, can be strenuous at times.

This is where we come into the picture; we can help you navigate this bureaucratic and administrative minefield. We are up to date with and very well-versed in local legislation and requirements in both mainland China and Hong Kong as well as with international and local accounting standards. We provide reliable support tailored to your specific needs with quick response times so that you can focus on your business operations and on issues that matter to you the most.

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We are ready to help you increase your profitability by improving efficiency of all accounting tasks such as payroll, taxes, invoicing, accounting, and more.


We can handle bookkeeping for companies at different stages and sizes. Our accountants will maintain your accounting records at our office, help you trace payables and receivables, and keep all your financial transactions documented. As your bookkeeper, we produce a periodic supply of financial data that are up to date, accurate and compliant with local accounting standards. We also keep a sharp eye on potential pitfalls that can negatively affect reports and create tax implications.

Financial reporting

Accurate financial reporting is essential to reflect the profitability, liquidity, and stability of your business. We can prepare your statutory financial statements in accordance with the applicable standards in Hong Kong or mainland China. We can also prepare management reports and IFRS adjustments, if applicable, at your requested intervals. Our accountants will keep you informed of accounting development that may impact your business.

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory services cover budget forecasting, cash flow analysis, provision of key indicators of financial performance, accounting procedure review, and advisory. Whether you are preparing for a transaction such as capital raise, M&A, experiencing increased operational complexity, or simply wanting to manage your financials wisely, we partner you up with a team of accounting and tax professionals who can offer our high-level expertise to design, implement, facilitate, and analyze your financial strategy.

Special-purpose reporting

Special-purpose reporting is intended for presentation to a limited group of users for a specific purpose. Businesses operating in different industries and phases of development may have various reporting requirements to meet a range of commercial or regulatory necessities. We can prepare your financial reports in the appropriate format for meeting your reporting requirement.


Businesses often encounter special projects such as handling due diligence requests, implementation of new systems, or manpower restructuring. Often a reliable and qualified financial staff is hard to get in a short time. Seconding experienced finance staff from CW would be an option to minimize the disruption of your daily operation. In addition to helping you tackle temporary talent shortage, we provide coaching to your existing financial team.

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