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China Company Registration

Looking to establish a company in China but unsure of the legal and administrative procedures involved? Let CW assist you with their specialized services. Our experienced team can guide you through the complexities of forming the most appropriate business entity for your company.

Register Your China Company with CW

Expanding into China - We Guide Your Business to a Successful Start

CW specializes in managing the legal and administrative procedures involved in establishing a company in China. Our team of experienced professionals has worked with clients across various industries, including logistics, trade & e-commerce, IT development, F&B, and more. We can assist with the formation of Foreign-Invested Enterprises (FIE) / Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE), Representative Offices (RO), and Branches, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of setting up your company in China, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business.

China Company Formation

Key Factors to Consider
  • Type of entity to be established: Foreign investors can choose from a range of options, including Representative Offices (ROs), Foreign-Invested Enterprises (FIE), etc. Each type of entity has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the nature of the business and the investor’s long-term goals. 
  • Business Scope: The business scope should be clearly defined and accurate, and it should match the actual business activities that the company plans to engage in. The business scope can have a significant impact on the type of license and permits required to operate in China.
  • Registered Capital: The registered capital refers to the amount of money that the company plans to invest in the business, and it is a critical factor that affects the company’s ability to conduct business activities in China. It is important to accurately determine the registered capital and ensure that the amount is sufficient to cover the company’s initial expenses and operations.
  • Management: Legal Representative, Director(s), Manager(s), Supervisor(s), and Finance Person in Charge: These roles are critical for the company’s operations and compliance with Chinese laws and regulations. It is important to carefully consider who will assume these roles and ensure that they are qualified and have the necessary experience and expertise.
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Our China Company Registration Service

To ensure proper guidance, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced professional, such as a legal counsel, accountant, or business advisor, who can provide guidance and support throughout the registration process. At CW, we support you with legal counsels, accountants, business advisors and project managers all under one roof, which is what sets us apart from other advisory firms.

Pre-investment advisory

  • Holding structure options and analysis
  • Comparative analysis of different organizational forms, such as Representative Office vs Foreign-Invested Enterprise (FIE)
  • Crafting your China company’s business scope
  • Registered capital planning, Profit & Loss projection, Cash flow forecasting
  • How to choose the appropriate Legal Representative, Director(s), Manager(s), Supervisor(s), Finance Person in Charge
  • Different types of bank accounts (capital account, RMB basic account, general account etc.) and how to operate them
  • Industry-specific permits and license applications (For example, import/export permit, food operating license, ICP filing, NVOCC, Medical Device Permit etc.)

Company registration

  • Application for China company business license
  • Application for company chops and seals
  • Bank account opening support
  • Industry-specific permits and licenses application

Office premise selection support

  • Office premise search
  • Lease negotiation support
  • Lease agreement review
  • Rental property due diligence
Choose Whatever Suits You the Best
Service Packages
Basic Package

The Basic Package is suitable for clients that are experienced in doing business in China and have a clear understanding of what organizational form (RO or FIE) they need.

  • An account manager will contact you to understand your objectives and project timeline.
  • We will provide you with standard and straightforward procedural support:
    • Application for China company business license and company chops and seals
    • Bank account opening support
    • Application of other industry specific permits or licenses if required
  • Your account manager will offer general advice during the application process.
Premium Package

The premium package is suitable for clients with little or no experience in doing business in China. In addition, we offer comprehensive pre-investment advisory support to help them make the right decisions.

  • An account manager will contact you to understand your objectives and project timeline and gather your doubts.
  • Based on your needs, we will tailor our proposal to include advisory and procedural support:
    • Pre-investment advisory taking into account the specific factors that may affect your China operation
    • Office premise selection support
    • Application for China company business license and company chops and seals
    • Bank account opening support
    • Application of other industry-specific permits or licenses, if required
  • Instead of providing general advice, our team of in-house legal counsels and financial experts will get involved to offer advice customized to address the unique needs of your particular situation.
Post-Registration Support
Business Advisory Retainer

After you have successfully set up the China company, we offer Business Advisory Retainer to continue supporting your China operation on a daily basis. Our business advisory retainer typically involves ongoing support and advice for a company operating in China. This may include assistance with regulatory compliance, tax planning, accounting, human resources, and other areas related to the company’s operations in China.

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