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China, a vast country with over 1.4 billion population, is for a business looking further afield, beyond its national borders “the place to be”. Being one of the world’s fastest growing economies, China is the epitome of growth and opportunity and is considered by many to offer the best investment proposition.

As your well-networked trusted advisor, CW can connect you with the Chinese market and can help you realize your ambitions of global expansion by setting your China entry and development strategies, and creating new opportunities for business development in China. We deliver deep and lucid insight to our clients so they can better understand their markets and make sound investments.

We are a team of professionals from tax, accountancy and legal backgrounds driven by passion and a strong sense of practicality in dealing with China issues. By keeping abreast of changes and developments in the macro environment, we are ideally placed to help and guide international clients in sailing through the mainland Chinese market.


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Whether you are buying from China or selling to the Chinese market, a well-structured business must incorporate the application of the relevant local laws and compliance rules into the initial planning.

China entry models

The Chinese market is consisted of a collection of clusters with different demographic, economic and industrial profiles. The success of doing business in China depends on choosing the right entry model at the right place. We can play a role as a strategist for your China expansion project, helping you to identify the best options for your business operation after you have decided to enter China.

Company incorporation

Establishing a company in China can be a complex and time-consuming process. We can handle the legal and administrative procedures of setting up the most appropriate type of entity for you, including Foreign-Invested Enterprises, Representative Offices and Branches. Our team is consisted of professionals experienced in foreign direct investments involving various types of industries such as supply chain management, logistics, trade & e-commerce, manufacturing, consulting, IT development, F&B, and others.

Operational advisory

Ensuring business sustainability in China requires continuous improvement of the processes, organizational design, technology, cost structure as well as alignment of resources and investments to achieve growth. Whether you are expanding or restructuring, we can help you transit to your next phase of development from strategic preparation to implementation. Our areas of expertise cover operational efficiency improvement, capital and cost restructuring, supply chain risk management, M&A support.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. To enable standardization of the processes, we write procedures that incorporate all the fundamental controls with respect to the internal processes of our clients in Mainland China. In the interest of an efficient and productive delegation of authority, we advise on an authority matrix on the basis of a given position with respect to all processes.

Compliance management

Through collaboration with its close professional business partners in Mainland China who adhere to CW’s quality control system, we provide assurance for different operational purposes to meet different management objectives and demands. Our experienced team helps clients in Mainland China to ensure compliance with corporate regulations and advise them about changes thereof.

Administrative support

Administrative tasks can sometimes distract businesses from focusing on achieving bigger objectives. We can be your trusted partner in outsourcing time-consuming administrative tasks such as errand running, data entry, research, records management, word processing, translation, document scanning and filing. No matter the scope or timeline of your project, we can be an integral part of your business to support the day-to-day operations of your organization.

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