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Empowering High-Tech Companies to Shine in the Hong Kong Ecosystem

Dear Clients and Friends,

Re: Empowering High-Tech Companies to Shine in the Hong Kong Ecosystem

Warmest Greetings,

At CW CPA, we are proud to unveil our landing pages designed exclusively for high-tech companies considering Hong Kong as their potential hub. Acknowledging the cultural diversity of our clientele, we have crafted these pages in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese, ensuring seamless accessibility for our global audience.

Hong Kong, a vibrant world-class city, offers a robust ecosystem for businesses, especially those in the tech industry. It serves as an excellent springboard to the expansive markets of mainland China, making it a strategic choice for forward-thinking companies.

However, I realize that navigating foreign landscapes can be challenging, even more so when you aspire to make your mark in a new market. That’s precisely where CW CPA steps in:

We are not just an accounting and advisory firm but also strive to be a "super-connector" for businesses that aim to tap into the potential of the Greater China region via the Hong Kong platform.

CW CPA Playing the Role as a Super Connector

We leverage our robust network in China, particularly in the burgeoning Greater Bay Area, connecting our clients with the right people at the right time, thus facilitating partnerships and collaborations that bring mutual growth and success. This network acts as a catalyst, providing your high-tech company with the necessary resources, connections, and insights to thrive in this dynamic region.

In line with our mission to bring more technology companies to Hong Kong, we are progressively repositioning CW CPA as a Tech Advisory Firm. The technological landscape is vast and diverse, and it requires specialized knowledge and skills to navigate effectively. With our team of seasoned professionals, we can guide your company through the complexities of tech regulations, financial structures, IP protection, and more, helping you make informed decisions that support your business’s growth trajectory.

Let’s use Hong Kong as our launchpad, and together, we can conquer the exciting business frontier that is Greater China. With the synergistic combination of our accounting expertise, advisory role, and super-connector status, we are here to help you turn your ambitious business visions into tangible realities.

To new beginnings and beyond,

Thomas Wong
Partner, CW CPA
FCPA (Practising) ∙FCMA ∙CGMA ∙FCPA (Aust.)
Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant


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