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Webinar – Agribusiness Brazil & China: prospects and opportunities

Brazilian agricultural exports have risen in the past 20 years, becoming half of Brazil’s total exports to China. The exploding demand for animal proteins (meat, fish and dairy products) from China’s emerging middle class has met with a huge supply of Brazilian soybeans, the main source of protein in animal feed. From 2000 to 2020, the import of Brazilian agri-product jumped from 2% to 35% of the total import volume of agri-product in China. Today, Brazil ranks first in Chinese imports of soybeans, cellulose, sugar, cotton, and beef and poultry. In the contrary, China is the destination of 39.6% of exports from Brazil and 16 out of the 27 Brazilian states export agricultural products to China. The relationship of Brazil and China has been strengthened in the past few years and continues to develop.

On 5 August 2020, our cooperation partner, China – Brazil Chamber of Commerce, held a webinar about the opportunities and future perspectives of agribusiness in Brazil and China.  The event was attended by Mr. Xu Yuansheng, Commercial Consul of China in Rio de Janeiro, as well as important players in the agricultural market. The main topic of this webinar was to explore how Brazilian companies can prepare to meet the Chinese demand in the coming years. The webinar presented how he massive Chinese investment in agritechs has been a new trend in Brazil and has been providing solutions to the commodities production in Brazil and around the world. With China’s support, Brazil will be the pioneer in the area of agritechs.

Although the world is affected by the pandemic, the bond between Brazil and China has become stronger and Brazil is expecting to break another record in exports. It is important to mention that the partnership Brazil – China comes from a long time ago and it is supported by both governments, whose goals are to mutually develop both countries and have maintain this partnership strong and consolidated.

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