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Breaking News About Tax Matters Presented by Regulatory Entities in Colombia During February

Cartagena, Colombia

Article presented by the firm of auditors and business consultants Alfredo López y Cía.   Member of Allinial Global  Contact Email: The Council of State Contentious-Administrative Chamber The section four ruled that the ICA, in commercial activities, states that this tax is effective in the municipality  upon which the price and the goods to be sold are agreed and it is based on the  principle of territoriality of the tax, and reassert the jurisprudence uttered by the same, in the following […]

Colombia and the significant changes in accounting and tax matters

yellow, blue, and red flag

In the search for a system of international approval, the process experienced by Colombia in all areas presents the best letter of introduction to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), reflecting that Colombia exercises good practices and that our companies have adequate corporate governance schemes, information, and management of companies in their standards. After seven years of the previous government’s […]

Restructure your business with tax certainty

Calculating Tax

The health contingency has knocked on the door worldwide and forced many companies to specialize or generalize activities, make the most of synergies, redistribute benefits, modify cost structure, process outsourcing, process optimization, etc. If changes are made within the company or the business group to which they belong, the company results in a change in […]