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Seminar with Benelux Chamber

Benelux Chamber

On 14 May 2021, CW CPA and the Benelux Chamber of Commerce organized an “Entrepreneurs Cafe” session to help 40 companies and individuals from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg navigate the business ecosystem in South China.

Three speakers shared valuable insights on the topics of Corporate Governance, HR & Employment, and Tax & Individual Income Tax which are of utmost importance for business owners and managers of foreign-invested enterprises in China.

Some questions from the audience which our team of experts offered advice and solutions included:

  • How can we transition from a WOFE to an FIE?
  • What happens with the social insurance and housing funds when an employee is relocated to another city?
  • What happens if an employee leaves his residence offered by the company and something happens on his way home?
  • How to implement systems to control the Chinese managers in an FIE?

If you have similar doubts on the above issues, please feel free to contact our China Consultancy Team at

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