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Project WeCan – 2021 Job Tasting Programme

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To provide secondary school students with some working experience before entering the workforce, Project WeCan has been organizing Job Tasting Programme each year since 2012. This programme allows students to work in sizable companies during summer vacation. Students are required to go through normal application procedures and be assigned to mentors in their respective workplaces.

CW CPA is one of the Corporate Partners of Project WeCan and has supported Project WeCan in their programmes, including this Job Tasting Programme.

After a virtual panel interview on 15 July 2021, two students joined our team as interns under the Admin & Finance Department for two weeks. They were involved in multiple administrative duties during the internship, which widened their horizons and equipped them with the basic necessary skills to build their future careers.



Written by Yuki Law, Administration Department, CW CPA

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