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Phenix Zheng – Our Seasoned Legal Counsel Specialized in Foreign Direct Investment

As an in-house Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) Legal Counsel and Manager of Greater China in charge of CW’s China Consultancy Team, I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years of work at CW since 2017. 

 Before joining CW, I worked in an international law firm renowned for its shipping practices in South China for more than 18 years. I used to be the team leader for its FDI team for more than 10 years. I led the FDI team to assist overseas clients to set up their business in South China on a project basis. The overseas clients were mainly from the US, France, UK, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. As we served the Western clients together with foreign law firms and other corporate teams of my ex-law firm, we had to meet the professional standard of Western law firms in terms of the documentation and working methodology. There were multi-lingual client managers in my ex-firm who served the Western clients in their native languages, such as French, Italian, Dutch, English, and Japanese. It was my duty to assist these managers for their sales activities and implementation of FDI projects through transparent and effective communication.  

 Throughout the years working in the FDI field, I have accumulated tremendous experience in dealing with all kinds of tough situations associated with the local government as well as those involved in interacting with clients requiring special needs. There had been plenty of unforgettable challenges from handling difficult cases on a daily basis. It was definitely not an easy task to accomplish as a team leader who needed to be fully responsible for all the minor details in dozens of FDI projects under the high working standards of an international law firm (not just a normal consultancy company).  

 My working experience above matches the business development of CW perfectly. Over the 3 years working in this firm, I have helped to develop very much the similar practices in the inward FDI projects coming from overseas markets to PRC, despite of CW’s strength in focusing on Spanish and the Portuguesespeaking countries. Our annual revenue for the China consultancy services has increased significantly over the past few years, an outward manifestation of our sweat and tears. In the years to come, I am confident that we will achieve even greater resultsI would like to express my gratitude for the support from our marketing teams (especially Latin Departmentas well as the strategic marketing approaches adopted by our Partner, Mr. Thomas Wong and our capable Senior Manager, Delilah Li, who is in charge of the global business development.  We soldier on~ 

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