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CW’s visit to Dorsey & Whitney Shanghai Office


Our Shanghai-based colleague, Marant Caballero, Senior Advisor, focuses on strengthening and expanding our business network to serve our clients in China better. In early August, he visited the Shanghai office of Dorsey & Whitney, a U.S.-based law firm.

Dorsey & Whitney Law Firm Shanghai Office specializes in consulting and providing advice to Chinese clients and companies on the U.S. Law. With offices across multiple states in the U.S., their experienced Chinese lawyers can exercise their practice in China and the U.S. based on law fields such as tax, mergers & acquisition, foreign direct investment, compliance, etc.

CW visit to Dorsey & Whitney Shanghai Office

CW continues to explore partnerships with different service providers to add value to our services and serve our clients as a one-stop solution for all matters related to their business, giving them the peace of mind they need to focus on their business growth.

Should you have any inquiries in Shanghai, please get in touch with Marant Caballero, Senior Advisor, at marant.deneb@cwhkcpa.com.