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CW’s Representatives in Colombia

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asiaBconsulting is a consulting firm specialized in supporting companies, governments, institutions, and organizations interested in exploring, initiating, and consolidating commercial, educational, cultural, and investment relationships in Asia and Latin American countries. With more than thirteen years of experience in developing projects in India, Singapore, South Korea, mainland China, and Hong Kong.

asiaBconsulting is our representative agent in Latin America since 2005. Based in the city of Bogota – Colombia, the firm has a specialized team of professionals.

David Barriga, CEO

He is a specialist in Asia with more than 25 years of experience. David is an Industrial Engineer with a specialization in International Business. Recognized speaker on Asian subjects. He is also a member of several Boards of Directors of Asian Binational Chambers.

Languages: English, Spanish, and Mandarin

Angie Pinilla, Business Administrator

With over five years of experience, she is a consultant who has a solid knowledge of the business and management industries, with her valuable experience, now part of the CW Latin department, to support the Spanish speaking clients of CW CPA.

Laura Quevedo, Project Manager

She is an international business professional with years of experience in negotiation, project development, and digital marketing.

From the office in Bogota and with the support of our team in Hong Kong and mainland China, we want to assist our clients in all their administrative and accounting processes and matters related to accounting, talent mobility solutions, outsourcing, recruitment, among others.

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