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CW–Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong) Cooperation: Bringing Start-Ups and Tech Companies to China via Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 8 September 2023 – Hong Kong-based professional advisory firm, CW, is pleased to announce a new strategic cooperation with Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong), an innovative hub in the largest start-up community and entrepreneurial ecosystem in China. Through harnessing the collective resources and expertise of both parties, the cooperation aims to empower start-ups and tech companies worldwide in seizing the plethora of opportunities in China.

The world’s second-largest economy has transformed into a future-oriented hub of innovation. With the ambitious goal of nurturing one million innovative small and medium-sized companies by 2025, China is actively encouraging enterprises to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity. As China’s entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to flourish, the collaborative platform offered by CW and Tencent WeStart (HK) will provide an invaluable resource for budding entrepreneurs.

This pioneering partnership unites two “super-connectors”. The collaboration can give full scope to CW’s role as a professional “super-connector”, with an extensive overseas network, in linking entrepreneurs around the world with business opportunities in China via Hong Kong. Tencent WeStart (HK), as an innovative “super-connector”, can leverage its integral role in the wider Tencent WeStart network spanning 44 locations across mainland China to facilitate connections between regional start-ups, investors, and corporations.

CW will be sharing its professional expertise to help the innovative hub’s members navigate the complexities of setting up and operating in China, while Tencent WeStart (HK) will offer a powerful launchpad to the professional advisory firm’s start-up and tech-focused clientele to turbocharge their development.

Partner of CW, Thomas Wong, commented: “Our firm is very excited to join forces with Tencent WeStart (HK). Its contribution will no doubt greatly enrich our ecosystem of strategic partners and be highly complementary to our current endeavours. As we are progressively positioning ourselves as a tech advisory firm, the common goal shared with Tencent WeStart (HK) of bringing start-ups and tech enterprises to China – via the gateway of Hong Kong – aligns squarely with our firm’s mission. Together, we will work hard to place start-ups and tech companies on the best path to success in China’s thriving and dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, which welcomes innovations from all over the world.”

About CW

CW is a professional advisory firm that offers a wide array of client-focused, tailored services of professional quality, including accounting, tax, corporate secretarial, business process outsourcing, and China consulting services. Based in Hong Kong, CW has offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai in mainland China as well as liaison offices in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Bogotá in Colombia, Barcelona in Spain, and London in the United Kingdom.

About Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong)

Tencent WeStart (HK), a part of the Tencent WeStart network, is operated locally by VS MEDIA. The innovative hub serves as a gateway for entrepreneurs, offering them a bridge to China and a global platform. Co-established by Tencent, K11, VS MEDIA, and an array of industry stakeholders, Tencent WeStart (HK) empowers digital and entertainment entrepreneurs, providing them with co-working spaces, knowledge, networking avenues, resources, and funding.