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Corporate Secretarial

Businesses come in a myriad of sizes and forms; the more complex the structure is, the heavier the compliance and governance burden. The time and effort involved in sustaining these structures can in turn translate into more costs. The highly experienced Corporate Secretarial Services teams at CW can lift this burden off your shoulders through providing efficient and reliable support for your company set-up and all related administration to ensure continuity in your business activities in Hong Kong and mainland China. We offer practical and bespoke solutions in line with local business protocols and regulations from the preparation of all required documentation to liaison with relevant authorities. 

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Hong Kong is the key gateway for doing business in mainland China and Asia. CW’s team has advised clients for almost 30 years on how to successfully set up in the region by building up strategies on using a Hong Kong company as a stepping stone into Greater China.

Company establishment

Many businesses need to establish companies in different jurisdictions for a variety of commercial reasons, and it helps for the service provider to have a global presence with expertise in local markets. CW can advise you on the suitable type of entity and the appropriate corporate structure of your new entity; assist in preparing all the forms and documents for submission.

Corporate secretarial

Our corporate secretarial service is on a retainer basis, which includes:

-local statutory compliance in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions;
-maintenance and custody of statutory books, records and common seals;
-attendance at directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, and preparation of the minutes for these meetings;
-provision of a named company secretary;
-advice about and assistance with the preparation of documents concerning changes of corporate structures;
-assess implications under the Companies Registry's New Inspection Regime.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. To enable standardization of the processes, we write procedures that incorporate all the fundamental controls with respect to the internal processes of companies. In the interest of an efficient and productive delegation of authority, we advise on an authority matrix on the basis of a given position with respect to all processes.

Risk and compliance

The dynamic regulatory landscape in Hong Kong requires that businesses be equipped with a high level of sensitivity to changes. Failure to comply with laws, regulations, rules, standards, and codes of conduct will result in great loss. Our experienced team helps clients to ensure compliance with corporate regulations and advise them about changes thereof through a combination of assessments, process review and improvement.

Bank related matters

Whilst having a bank account is crucial for a business, opening a bank account in Hong Kong can be a lengthy and frustrating process because numerous regulatory bodies have enhanced checks on compliance and anti-money laundering issues. CW helps clients to find the possible solutions on bank related matters on a swift basis.

Certification, Business licenses, Trademark registration

CW would through collaboration with relevant parties, provide notarization service, assist in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for your business, and assist in trademarking your company name or logo.

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