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CW CPA China Innovation Summit (Brazil Chapter) Facilitates Cross-Border Collaboration and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

China Innovation Summit 2023 (Sao Paulo Brazil)

São Paulo, Brazil – June 22, 2023 – The Câmara Chinesa de Comércio do Brasil and CW CPA successfully organized the China Innovation Summit 2023 in São Paulo, Brazil, on June 7th. This pioneering event brought together renowned speakers and industry leaders to explore the opportunities and challenges in cross-border e-commerce, payment solutions, tax matters, multiple currency risks management, and the creation of a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem, exemplified by companies like Alibaba, E-Cross, Ebury, Vtex etc.

China Innovation Summit, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The bilateral seminars served as a platform to unite stakeholders from China, Brazil, and other neighboring countries in Asia and Latin America. These seminars aimed to promote business opportunities and foster collaboration between these regions, ultimately strengthening the China-Brazil entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Senior Manager of CW, Delilah Li, spoke at the China Innovation Summit in Sao Paulo on 7 June 2023.

Key highlights from the CW’s Brazil Desk were shared during the summit, emphasizing the advantages of establishing Hong Kong companies for Asian sourcing needs among many Brazilian clients. Additionally, the establishment of subsidiaries in Mainland China by Brazilian companies was emphasized, highlighting the importance of cultivating stronger ties with Chinese suppliers for product development and smooth supply chain operations.

Recognizing the untapped potential for growth and support, CW CPA is committed to further bolstering its presence in Brazil and fostering the expansion of Brazilian brands and tech start-ups in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The firm aims to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to facilitate the scaling-up process for these enterprises.

Over the past three years, the pandemic presented numerous challenges. However, CW CPA persevered and engaged in virtual meetings with Brazilian companies, assisting them in establishing operations in China via Hong Kong. Despite the support and guidance provided, a hesitancy remained among Brazilian companies.

To address these concerns head-on, CW CPA believes that personal connections and face-to-face interactions play a vital role in overcoming barriers such as distance, language, and cultural differences. By actively traveling to Brazil and engaging with local companies, CW CPA aims to build stronger relationships and facilitate the entry of Brazilian companies into international markets.

China Innovation Summit 2023 (Sao Paulo Brazil)
China Innovation Summit 2023 (Sao Paulo Brazil)

The China Innovation Summit 2023 in São Paulo was a resounding success, offering an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the establishment of valuable connections. CW CPA extends its heartfelt congratulations to all those involved in organizing, mediating, and collaborating on this remarkable initiative.

About Câmara Chinesa de Comércio do Brasil: The Câmara Chinesa de Comércio do Brasil is dedicated to fostering economic and trade relations between China and Brazil. Through its various activities, the chamber promotes bilateral collaboration, cultural exchange, and entrepreneurship.

About CW CPA: CW CPA is a leading accounting and business advisory firm specializing in assisting international clients with their investments and operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and beyond. With a focus on fostering cross-border collaboration, CW CPA provides comprehensive services to help companies navigate the complexities of international business.

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