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China (Fujian) Epidemic Prevention and Control Supplies Online Fair Exporting to Latin America

Latin America

Throughout the years, the Chinese government has been trying its best to support and aiding its Latin American friends in stepping into the global market by laying robust foundations. Moreover, since the pandemic, the government has been putting further effort into fighting the worldwide disease by developing vaccines and other prevention and control equipment. To highlight these medical supplies, on behalf of the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, we would like to invite our Latin American friends to join the China (Fujian) Epidemic Prevention and Control Supplies Online Fair Exporting to Latin America.

The Latin American region has been strongly hit by the pandemic since 2020, constituting excessive population and economic loss. With the wish to relieve the pandemic situation in the area, the fair will introduce 100 Fujian-based epidemic prevention and control companies interested in establishing export connections with Latin American companies. These companies specialize in producing medical supplies, including masks, medical protective suits, novel coronavirus antibody kits, and ventilators. Understanding the urgency of the region’s situation, the fair aspires to be a reliable platform in connecting worldwide firms in sharing medical resources.

The fair will be organized online on the Fujian Foreign Trade Online Platform from 13 to 17 July 2021. In addition, a live online video conference will also be offered to all participating companies. If you are interested in joining the fair and wish to learn more, please visit and register at


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