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Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce

The Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce (CCCB) aims to strengthen commercial ties between Brazil and China while contributing to effective¬†communication¬†between companies and entrepreneurs both in China and Brazil.¬†It is equipped with¬†a specialized team of professionals in Brazil and China, ready to meet affiliates and customers’ diversified demands.¬†¬†

CCCB advises its affiliates to overcome¬†language and¬†cultural barriers and recommend strategic solutions to facilitate business development and growth. They develop personalized services catering to the clients’ unique needs.¬†¬†¬†

It is fundamental to aid the effective communication between¬†Brazilian businesses,¬†Chinese companies,¬†and entrepreneurs. CCCB’s portfolio offers¬†services¬†including but not limited to:¬†

  • Market expansion¬†analysis;¬†¬†
  • Prospecting for suppliers and buyers¬†in Brazil and¬†China;¬†¬†
  • International business trips;¬†¬†
  • Suitability research;¬†
  • International trade fairs;¬†¬†
  • Business intermediation.¬†¬†

In 2020, the Chamber strived to improve its products and services in response to the latest business transformation promoted by the global¬†pandemic. It endeavors to ensure the quality of the services provided. Moreover, CCCB is proud to announce that it has achieved the expected growth of the year; with its cooperation with¬†CW CPA’s¬†partner Mr. Thomas Wong¬†(CCCB representative)¬†to establish its presence in Hong Kong, the Chamber successfully launched¬†its Shanghai office and business in the Greater¬†Bay Area.¬†¬†

It is foreseeable that 2021 will still be under the significant influence of COVID-19. CCCB targets to deepen its cooperation with CW CPA to promote more flourishing China-Brazil relations in light of the unprecedented challenges. 

This article is provided by the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce. For more information, please contact Lara Cordeiro at lara.cordeiro@camarachinesa.com.

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