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Webinar: Empower Your Company’s HR and Payroll Management With AI and Cloud Technologies

Traditionally, when HR and payroll management comes to mind, we think of recruitment involving face-to-face interactions, attendance records through card readers and sign-in sheets, leave, and claims request managed with hard copies and lots of paperwork, etc. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has enforced considerable changes upon numerous companies. For example, employees are now able to […]

Establishing Your E-Commerce Platform in China: ICP Commercial License or ICP Filing?

toy boxes in small shopping cart on laptop, e-commerce concept

Anyone establishing a website to provide internet information services in China must know the term “ICP”, short for Internet Content Providers. Yet, not everyone is clear about what type of ICP license is required for the intended business. This article provides a simple explanation. In China, there are two types of internet information services: Commercial […]