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15 Years Latin Journey

A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers. My Latin American dream took off 15 years ago and it has been actualised to the fullest potential and beyond.  I still remember how the idea started simply with the jazzy tunes of Latin American guitarist Carlos Santana and the book “Blue Ocean Strategy”, which inspired me to create and open up an uncontested new market space.

In this new age of information-seeking paradigms, globalisation is the norm.  As Latin American small and medium-sized enterprises are encouraged to participate in the global industrial chain, our Latin department has strived to sustain high-quality advisory and audit services in the midst of ever-changing global landscape.  Our growing multicultural team with expert advisors from Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Brazil and Spain has become our key strength, as people are always the fundamental differentiating asset in the market.

In the last years, our team of experts have helped hundreds of Latin American companies to expand their business to Hong Kong and subsequently mainland China, successfully striking a balance between service quality and the geographic dispersion of service activities.  Up till now, more than 200 of our firm’s clients are Latin American and European clients who trust me very much.  Doing business with Latin America is no less challenging than when I embarked on the Latin journey 15 years ago.

Under the new growth model driven by innovation and domestic consumption, the business relationship between mainland China and Latin America has ushered in a new era.  I have firmly committed to the philosophy of doing business in the spirit of friendship. We established an extensive network of Latin American and Spanish contacts around the world.  There are various institutions in the network, including consulates, Trade promotion offices, chambers of commerce, banks, law firms, etc..

2020 has been a year of significant economic, social and environmental challenges.  Our overseas business has grown steadily in mainland China despite the occurrence of COVID-19, social distancing and travel restrictions.  Looking ahead, it is high time our firm had the courage to take a daring lead and turn a threat into an opportunity.  With many countries imposing travel restrictions, we are helping Latin American clients to perform administrative functions in China, eliminating their need to fly here physically.  Our Latin Department will continue organizing webinars on various topics relating to the latest government measures in battling against COVID-19.  As a strong advocate of the Greater Bay Area concept, I will also help our clients in Latin America and Spain to take advantage of the GBA initiatives.  I believe the Greater Bay Area will act as an ideal gateway for overseas clients looking to expand their businesses into the mainland China.

Come whatever kind of weather, come the stormy days along. With our dedicated team of Latin and Chinese professionals, we soldier on.

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