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Today’s ever-evolving audit and assurance environment necessitates an all-round solution that addresses both the increasing complexities of regulatory requirements and the stakeholders’ pressing demands for greater disclosure and transparency, whilst keeping the individual needs, risks, and challenges of the business uppermost in mind. We understand how important robust reporting is in protecting your business and encouraging it to prosper, so that is why CW goes beyond ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.

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With utmost professional objectivity and independence as well as unrivalled technical expertise, we strive to ensure that your path to success is unhindered by any potential risks and pitfalls as much as possible.

Statutory audit

CW CPA provides independent assurance on financial and other information to comply with regulatory requirements as well as individual stakeholder needs. We carry out our audits in accordance with relevant International and Hong Kong audit standards. We adopt a risk-based audit approach that creates value for our clients and their stakeholders not only for mere regulatory compliance but also by alerting individual enterprises to potential business and financial reporting risk areas.

Internal control review

Whilst it is the responsibility of an organization’s management to provide accurate financial information, material errors or misstatements might creep into financial statements because of certain inherent and control risks. In addition, it is crucial for entities to prevent loss through misappropriation of funds or theft. Our internal control review can assist our clients to mitigate such control risks and, in certain circumstances, explore ways for improving operation efficiency and improve cost effectiveness.

Special purpose audit/ review/ other assurance

In today’s fast-paced and globalized marketplace, the nature and breadth of audits should reflect the increasing complexities within the business operating environment as well as the rising number of local and cross-border capital transactions. This is why we provide special audit, review and other assurance services for different operational purposes to meet different management objectives and demands.

Our services include royalty audit, profit forecast review, special audit based on the client’s requirements.

Internal audit

Organizations employ an internal control system to mitigate the risk of material misstatements in financial statements. To ensure that the internal control system is implemented properly, it is monitored through an internal audit function. Our highly experienced professionals deliver advisory on critical business issues.

Financial due diligence

Financial due diligence is crucial in the pre-listing stage of an enterprise going public as well as in support of any M&A activities.

Our due diligence specialists will help our clients to better understand the opportunities and potential risks and be able to arrive at decision based on factual documentation.

Multinational group audit engagements

Hong Kong is a popular jurisdiction for incorporating holding companies. We understand the importance of communication in completing group audits effectively within an agreed timetable. As a member firm of Allinial Global, a worldwide accounting association with over 230 member firms in 85 countries, we work with other member firms closely to help our clients to prepare the audit of group companies all over the world.

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