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Affiliation Highlight: Meet Allinial Global

With the spread of technology and globalization, we have entered a time of tremendous change. As businesses expand their horizons and grapple with new challenges and opportunities, their needs are becoming increasingly complex, often requiring cross-border expertise and highly specialized services at the same time.

In this highly competitive and rapidly changing market, flexibility and customization are key. At Allinial Global, we’ve pioneered an innovative model that provides our firms and their clients with the agility and worldwide connections they need to deliver the highest-quality solutions available anywhere, anytime—a capability that few other international accounting associations and networks can match.

Consider, for example, when a client approaches its accounting firm seeking a health-care solution in Spain. Other organizations would typically connect such a client with a destination-only solution in Spain. In other words, the solution is selected primarily due the member’s location in Spain, with little regard for the services or expertise the connection can offer. If the connection in Spain lacks health-care expertise, the client’s needs are only partially addressed.

While other global organizations continue to lag behind with a destination-only approach, Allinial Global has forged ahead with a client-centric model that allows us to account for both location and skill set, ensuring that our member firms and their clients can get the answers they need to complete challenging engagements successfully.

Our goal is to be the most agile, client-focused, and member-driven organizations in the world, and since reconstructing our brand around this promise in 2015, our association has grown to over $2.5 billion in collective revenues. We continue to expand rapidly on a global basis, adding 37 new members firms and reporting 42 percent growth for 2017 alone. As a result of this growth, Allinial Global was ranked the world’s fifth largest global accounting association in the International Accounting Bulletin’s 2018 World Survey.

As we grow, we remain committed to our mission of fostering the independence, profitability, and continuous improvement of our members. In addition to our unique approach to connectivity, we offer over 200 educational programs per year, from conference calls to webinars and international events and training sessions, as well as a host of turnkey resources and in-house services.

We are particularly proud of our member firms’ commitment to quality and client service, and we were thrilled to welcome CW CPA to our membership this year. With its demonstrated history of excellence, breadth of services offered, and location in a strategic territory, we know that CW CPA will be a valuable addition to the Allinial Global community. And as a client of CW CPA, you can rest assured that no matter where in the world your business needs take you, Allinial Global and CW CPA will be there to deliver not just a good solution—but the best solution for you.

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