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Webinar – Using Hong Kong to strategize your digitalization process

On 23 September 2020, CW held the webinar titled “Using Hong Kong to strategize your digitalization process”. The webinar was co-hosted by InvestHK and the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce.  Among the speakers, we had our Partner, Mr. Thomas Wong, and our Brazilian Business Advisor, Ms. Kemelly Vera, representing CW, Mr. Jimmy Chiang and Mr. Thiago Silveira representing InvestHK, and Mr. Daniel Manucci representing the CCCB.

Recent discussions about e-commerce have gained more visibility due to the current economic and social scenario caused by the pandemic. Many companies are turning to digitalization to increase their revenue and to save their businesses. In this sense, we prepared this webinar focusing on the advantages of using Hong Kong as a leverage on the digitalization process of companies and providing some tips for establishing a successful e-commerce.