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Spanish Startups to China! Our collaboration with Spartanhack

The interest of Spanish companies and entrepreneurs in entering the Greater China market has been one of the engines of growth for our Spanish Desk over the past 12 years. We are committed to continuing helping Spanish companies in this journey and proud to announce our collaboration with Spartanhack to promote the opportunities of Mainland China and Hong Kong for Spanish startups and entrepreneurs.

Led by Antonio Serrano Acitores, Spartanhack accelerates Spanish startups by providing educational courses in programming, big data, disruptive technologies, etc. With the purpose of bringing the Spanish companies and individuals to the next level, the team, better known as “Spartans”, possesses a wide variety of skillsets from law, programming, marketing and IT, covering all aspects of a growing business in this day and age.

We look forward to working together and bringing more Spanish companies to the Greater China.

For more information, please visit https://spartanhack.com/.