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Sharing with National Business Association of Colombia: CW as a model of adopting effective corporate measures countering the epidemic

For the second time this year, CW CPA has been recognized for its effective management of clients, employees and public relations during the COVID-19 crisis. On 16 April 2020, the National Business Association of Colombia (“ANDI”), considered as the most influential and important industrial association in Colombia, organized a webinar discussing experiences worldwide in dealing with the impact of coronavirus on business. Mr. David Barriga, CW representative in South America, was one of the main speakers of the webinar which was attended by more than 200 industrial and business leaders of Colombia.

David focused on the successful ways CW CPA has managed during the crisis under the leadership of Mr. Thomas Wong, Founding Partner of the firm. His main topics included: Keeping Staff Safe, Investing in Technology, Managing Cash Flow, Diversifying the Business and Optimizing Business Strategies.

In March 2020, CPA Australia selected our firm as a case study of an accounting practice in Hong Kong and mainland China. One more time, our firm has been internationally recognized for its commitment and behavior in such difficult times, offering quality and seamless services to its clients from all over the world.