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PBEC Pacific Basin Economic Council

Pacific Basin Economic Council is an institution that supports connectivity and cross-border regulatory standardization efforts within the Asia Pacific region for all technological advancements, through dialogue, engagement and collaborative efforts.

PBEC advocates and supports merging sustainability with affordability business models across APAC, with a “leave no one behind” social impact mantra, in the further advancement of economic growth in the region.

The Pacific Basin Economic Council provides a regional platform for meaningful connections/partnerships with like-minded business leaders, entrepreneurs and Government officials from across APAC through invitation only forums & events.

Functioning as an APAC connector, the Pacific Basin Economic Council is recognized by leaders, chambers of commerce, think tanks, consulates & government agencies throughout Asia & the Pacific.

Allowing members to access APEC’s regional governments via PBEC members’ credible network, resources and events, PBEC functions as a connection hub for the members’ business in the APAC region. With events organized in different regional cities, such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong, PBEC opens the opportunity for members to extend their network and deepen their knowledge on sustainability.

PBEC is the only cross border membership for business leaders connecting South America’s economies with the Asia Pacific, allowing them to gather the latest market insights from other members, key government sources and reports.

For more information, please download the presentation HERE.

Or get in touch with Michael Walsh, Chief Executive by michael.walsh@pbec.org. Please also visit the website: https://www.pbec.org/.