As part of the strategic plan of Allinial Global to continue growing and helping more and more accounting firms around the world, the association has appointed a new President and CEO, Mr. Mark Koziel. Mark has broad experience with firms not only in North America, but also has experience with an important number of companies in Latin America and Hong Kong.  


In the interview done by International Accounting Bulleting, Mark shared how Allinial Global can bring multiple benefits to accounting firms all over the world, mainly by sharing resources, network, innovation and knowledge to the members, as being the second biggest association in the world, with still a high potential in the industry to continue growing.  


Some of the challenges and opportunities Mark foresees in this endeavor is to bring more innovation to the accounting industry, especially with the covid-19 situation, when more and more firms are facing virtual auditing and the development of new accounting and audit software.  


Find out more about his work bringing the firms of Allinial Global together in the interview done by International Accounting Bulleting, download the interview here! 


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The health contingency has knocked on the door worldwide and forced many companies to specialize or generalize activities, make the most of synergies, redistribute benefits, modify cost structure, process outsourcing, process optimization, etc. 


If changes are made within the company or the business group to which they belong, the company results in a change in its assets, functions and risks, we are in the presence of a business restructuring. 


According to OECD guidelines, company restructuring refers to the cross-border reorganization of commercial or financial relationships between associated companies, including the termination or substantial renegotiation of pre-existing agreements and, in consequence, whether accepted or imposed conditions that differ from those that would be agreed by independent companies exists. The profits of that company should be taxed accordingly. 


Before any change within the group in relation to functions, assets and risks, it is important to take into account the current transfer pricing matter legislation which states that; transactions carried out between companies that are related parties must be entered into as if they were agreed with independent third parties in comparable transactions. 


In case these changes are not agreed as with independent parties in comparable operations, the tax law empowers the tax authorities to apply the corresponding adjustments and to submit the imposition of profits obtained from the said business reorganization. 


Therefore, it is relevant that if intercompany policies are modified or some types of intra-group restructuring fall into place, they comply with the arm’s length principle or “Arm’s Length” and, all in all, they have a valid and sustainable business reason to carry out the reorganization of functions, assets or risks, in which they demonstrate that benefits are flowing to the entity that carries out the said restructuring. Any change that occurs in the economic, commercial and operational relations, should take into consideration what it is mentioned on the tax legislation. 


Written by Carlos Ramírez Gómez, Transfer pricing partnerLawBiz Consulting Group 

Over the past couple of years, CW has been part of a global association of accounting and consulting firms – Allinial Globaloffering our clients more value-added services with the knowledge of professional firms that are part of this organization. To further strengthen our ties with Latin American clients, CW is now organizing joint events, promoting services and knowledge together with several Allinial Global Latin American member firms. 


On 20 August 2020, our Latin Department hosted a webinar titled “Post Covid-19 Business Restructuring” together with LawBiz Consulting Groupan Allinial Global member firm in Mexico. The webinar aimed at responding to the Covid-19 challenges, which require companies to reorganize and restructure their operations in every way. Led by 3 specialists from Mexico, the United Kingdom and China, a lively dialogue was held on the main considerations that a Latin American company must take into account if it wants to remain competitive facing the new world order in the economic, legal, financial and technological matters. 


Our Assistant Manager of CW Latin Department, Victor Herrera, presented the reality about the challenges and approaches that China had to adopt to overcome the crisis, keep companies competitive and continue to attract foreign investments. 


CW will continue organizing conferences and webinars in association with the most representative regional accounting and consulting firms from Allinial Globalleading projects that allow the entire client base to be updated and interested in internationalizing their operations.  


Written by David Barriga, Latin Department, CW CPA

On 19 May 2020 at 11:30 am Hong Kong time, CW and Allinial Global co-hosted a webinar on “Building Stronger Linkages & Growth Through the Greater Bay Area”, sharing insights on the overview and development of the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) with Allinial Global member firms from the Asia Pacific region.  

As a member-based association dedicated to the success of independent accounting and consulting firms worldwide, Allinial Global now ranks as the world’s second-largest accounting association. The Regional Director of Asia Pacific, Ms. Abby Chee, is actively building relationships and expanding the association’s presence in the Asia Pacific Region.

On the introduction of the webinar, both partners of CW CPA, Mr. Thomas Wong and Ms. Rosanna Choi expressed that in the past few years, the firm has seen growing needs for entrepreneurs from around the world to explore trading and investment opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, especially in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Guangzhou. There are more and more inquiries into the incorporation of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) in the above cities. The international communities have demonstrated their tremendous contributions to the local economies in South China. 

One of the Region’s strategic positioning is to grow into an international scientific and technological innovation center with global influence according to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As talent is the fundamental driving force for science and technology development and innovation, the development of the GBA will rely on the innovative system and mechanism to stimulate the innovation vitality of talents. In this regard, CW’s China Consultancy Team presented several stimulus policies rolled by the GBA cities’ municipal governments and highlighted the benefits of doing business in the GBA. Our team has assisted many foreign investors in setting up their operations in China. And we firmly believe there would be more beneficial incentives for SMEs in the years to come as China is striving to open its domestic market to foreign investors.

As the world’s second-largest economy, China has contributed more than 30 percent of global economic growth in the past few years. Although the country has been hit hard by rising labor costs, trade tensions, and the coronavirus, its GBA Initiative is now gathering momentum across the Pearl River Delta Region, aiming at developing and deepening the connectivity with the world in infrastructure, trade, commerce, capital, culture and more. Understanding China’s action plan in developing the GBA will facilitate businesses building stronger linkages and growth in the Region. CW will continue to organize webinars in the related topics in the coming months, providing more information and updates about the development of the GBA.


About Allinial Global: 

Allinial Global is a member-based association dedicated to the success of independent accounting and consulting firms. Founded in 1969, this strategic affiliation of legally independent accounting firms has a mission to foster the independence, profitability, and continuous improvement of its members. Allinial Global is one hundred and ninety-three members strong and growing, with worldwide locations generating over $3.5 billion in collective revenues. With dedicated regional liaisons who have extensive connections throughout the Americas, EMEIA (Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa), and the Asia Pacific region, members of Allinial Global are committed to providing the most agile, flexible, and client-centric solutions anywhere, anytime.


Abby Chee

Regional Director, Asia Pacific


Written by Delilah Li, China Consultancy Team, CW CPA

We celebrate this achievement together with our fellow Allinial Global members in 2020.  As an international accounting firm association, Allinial Global saw a growth of 36% in 2019, doubling their size in the last 5 years. It now has 231 members with locations throughout the world generating over US$4 billion in collective revenues.

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Written by Luz Deneb Martínez,  Latin Department, CW CPA

Every year, Allinial Global (“AG”) organizes an annual conference with the members of the Latin American and Caribbean Region in order to strengthen the interaction between their local members, facilitate the links between the different firms that are part of the association and update the knowledge about best practices in innovation, leadership and competitiveness issues applied to accounting firms.


On this occasion, Panama City hosted the meeting that took place from 9 to 11 February of this year.  More than 35 representatives of regional firms belonging to AG actively participated in the 10 conferences and workshops that focused on key issues for the development of more and better business and services for clients and counterparts in the accounting, auditing, and legal services field. Topics such as digital transformation in external auditing, best practices in accounting advisory services for clients, leadership for a culture of faster results, and a detailed presentation of the investment business environment in Panama, were some of the topics discussed during the 3 days of the conference. 


Headed by the president and CEO of AG, Terry Snyder, as well as Ana Navarro, Regional Director of Latin America, among others; David Barriga, on behalf of CW and acting as representative for the region, further strengthened his relationship with colleagues from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, the United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Colombia. This translates into a greater network of knowledge and services for CW customers in the region. 


For CW, being an active part of this prestigious worldwide recognition alliance, such as Allinial Global, means our firm’s commitment to customers to strengthen our presence in the Latin American region, offering services with the highest standards of quality and performance in accordance with the best practices that exist in international matters for accounting and auditing.


Written by David Barriga, Latin Department, CW CPA

The annual Allinial Global Asia Pacific Regional Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand this year on 28-30 April 2019. There were about 30 member firms, more than 70 people from different Asia Pacific and European countries, participated in the conference. Our Partners, Mr. Thomas Wong and Ms. Rosanna Choi, our Business Director, Ms. Silvia Luk,…

  Allinial Global organized a 3-day event in Hong Kong from April 29 to May 1, and there were over 40 overseas guests/members attending. Mr. Thomas Wong, co-founder and partner of CW CPA Hong Kong was invited to speak about the Business Opportunities and Environment of Guangzhou, which he did after sharing a video from…

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HONG KONG — CW CPA is very pleased to announce it has joined Allinial Global (, a global top 5 member-based association that has dedicated itself to the success of independent accounting and consulting firms since its founding in 1969. Allinial Global is based in North America, but offers international support by connecting its firms to providers…

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