Direction Association for the Handicapped

Pro Bono – Direction Association for the Handicapped

The Direction Association for the Handicapped 路向四肢傷殘人士協會 is a group of people with severe physical impairment who share the spirit of “Mutual-help and Self-help”. They support the integration of members back to the community so that they can live in the barrier-free community with happiness and confidence.  

The Association has published the book《路向》in 2010 and has launched the revised edition last year in 2020which was the 30th anniversary of the incorporation of the AssociationThe book 路向》consists of 12 real-life stories of their members, concerning their recovery experiencepsychological conditionlove and family issues, school and work life. 

If you are interested in this book, you can either contact us or purchase a copy from Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) 三聯書 or The Commercial Press (Hong Kong) Limited 商務印書館 in Hong Kong. 

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Written by Mandy Lau, Administration Department, CW CPA