Lizeida Martinez de Saylor – A Panamanian accountant with experience in the U.S.

Our colleagueLizeida Martinez de Saylor, is from Panama. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. She studied Business administration and concentrated in Finance and International Business at the University of Panama. Lizeida also possesses a Master’s degree in Accounting from Long Island University in New York City.  

Before joining CW, she worked as Property Manager Assistant and Bookkeeper at the largest private student housing owner on Temple University’s Campus, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was responsible for maintaining the daily financial ledger and ensuring the business to be operated at an optimal level.  

 Lizeida obtained valuable experience in the audit department of one of the top 25 largest accounting firms in Manhattan in New York CityShe helped audit both public and private companies from a number of industries, such as real estate, manufacturing, service, and manufacturing 

 Lizeida moved to Hong Kong a year ago and was looking for new experience and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  She joined our Latin Department since March this year 

 “One of the things that I find most interesting about my job is being able to use my native language and understanding of Latin culture and businesses to help clients from a variety of Latin American countries. I receive great satisfaction in helping others and this is one of my defining traits. CW has given me the opportunity to provide valuable accounting services and insight to my fellow Latinos interested in exploring Hong Kong and China for business.” 

Written by Lizeida Martinez de Saylor, Latin Department, CW CPA