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CW increasing marketing efforts in Brazil

Brazil has always played an important role in the development of Latin Department of CW. Many Brazilian companies have reached a level of competitiveness that allows them to internationalize in other markets, such as Asia. To capture the opportunities from Brazil, CW has recently increased its presence and cooperation with Brazilian institutions and business partners.

Earlier in June 2019, we were honored by the visit of Mr. Rafael Rodrigues Paulino, Consul of Brazil in Hong Kong, exploring several ways to participate actively in the Brazilian business community in Hong Kong. In the same month, CW also attended the Brazil Fintech and Investment Boom event organized by the Americas Committee of HKGCC.

Noticing the rising trend of Brazilian business going abroad, CW is expanding the Brazil Desk by hiring two new members – Ms. Kemelly M. Vera and Ms. Kelly Bosanquet. Set up to serve the Brazilian market, our Brazil Desk has strong presence and professional expertise to help Brazilian companies expand business throughout the Greater China. Please contact Ms. Rafaela Mendes at rafaela.pieritz@cwhkcpa.com for more information.

Brazil's Fintech and Investment Boom

Mr. Rafael Rodrigues Paulino (Left), Brazilian Consul

Ms. Kemelly M. Vera, new member of Brazil Desk

Ms. Kelly Bosanquet, new member of Brazil Desk