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CW CPA partners with Hewlett Rand to strengthening your business and team’s capabilities

Organisations never stand still. Whether they are downsizing or expanding into new territories, change is now constant. In particular, in these unprecedented times like Covid-19, many of our clients are exploring solutions to enhance organisational performance and productivity, and to strengthen team capabilities. Therefore, CW CPA is partnering with Hewlett Rand to extend HR and Training consultancy support to clients through this period of unparalleled change.  

Beyond the rhetoric for this critical period, there will be more actions, more engagements, more measures coming up to move our clients’ business forward.  We all soldier on.

Hewlett Rand provides tailored support for HR, leadership and business development training to support organisational transformation. Including facilitation for strategic planning, management and sales training, team collaboration and supporting mental health and wellbeing, as well HR advice. In the current climate, a great deal of their client work has switched to virtual online training and consultancy via Zoom, which is proving popular with businesses that in geographically dispersed teams and remote home working.

Richard Lowe, Director of Training and Digital Learning Solutions said, ‘We’re absolutely delighted to partnering with CW’s China Consultancy Team who have a robust HR system and payroll proposition that we feel we can complement’.

Hewlett Rand can guide you through the process of change and transformation and help you to create a positive and productive working environment that brings out the very best in your people and your organisation.

Angela Tang, HR & Training Partner said, ‘As a commercially focused consultancy team, we’re keen to ensure that our HR advice and Training solutions add value to support businesses with profitable growth and to adapt to an ever-changing environment’

So, wherever you want to take your organisation, Hewlett Rand will help your leaders and teams to get there faster. Please take the time to review the blogs of Richard Lowe and Angela Tang.  CW can help you connect with them if you are interested in transforming your workplace and boost the capabilities of your workforce.


Delilah Li

delilah li@cwhkcpa.com

Written by Richard Lowe, Director of Training and Digital Learning Solutions, Hewlett Rand 


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