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CW CPA leads Invest Shenzhen Delegation to Brazil, Chile and Argentina


Latin Department leads Invest Shenzhen Delegation to Sao Paulo (Brazil), Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Trip Report (1)

“Shenzhen is keen to work with entrepreneurs in Brazil to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in order to achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.”

A few weeks ago, our Latin Department led a delegation of Invest Shenzhen representatives to Sao Paulo (Brazil), Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) to promote the innovative and technological business environment of the city of Shenzhen. The delegation was led by the Deputy Director of Invest Shenzhen, Ms. Zhang Feimeng, as well as representatives of the Investment Promotion Division responsible for the promotion of Shenzhen’s emerging industries such as the bio-industry, new energy industry, culture and creative industries, new materials industry, life science and health care industries etc.

Earlier this year, the Economist published a special report on Shenzhen, highlighting: “Shenzhen is becoming the global hub of innovation in hardware and manufacturing, debunking the outdated myth of ‘copycat China’”. During our trip to Latin America, the Deputy Director of Invest Shenzhen, Ms. Zhang Feimeng, emphasized in every meeting that “Shenzhen is China’s first special economic zone, a vivid expression of China’s reform and opening to the outside world, and an open and innovative city developed in the era of globalization.”

By implementing an innovation-driven strategy, some of the homegrown enterprises in Shenzhen such as Huawei, Tencent, BYD and Mindray are becoming industry giants, not only contributing significantly to the economic power of Shenzhen but also concurrently enlarging their international footprint. In this context, CW CPA is proud to be a trusted partner of Invest Shenzhen, helping the city to strengthen its brand image in Latin America – a key emerging market that our Latin Department has been developing for the past 10 years.

São Paulo, Brazil (31 August  – 1 September 2017)

The City of Sao Paulo, a regional economic center of the Federative Republic of Brazil, became a friendship city of Shenzhen on 27 April 2007. In July 2017, the Mayor of São Paulo, Mr. João Doria visited Shenzhen to further consolidate the foundation of friendship between the two cities by strengthening the exchange of culture, science and technology, investment and trade, education, city planning and construction. One of the Founding Partners of CW CPA, Mr. Thomas Wong, had the privilege to arrange and participate in Mayor Doria’s meeting with an investment management company in Shanghai. (See article: https://www.cwhkcpa.com/sao-paulo-mayors-visit-east-asia-investment-group/ ).

The encounter with Mayor Doria had set a very positive tone for our Latin Department’s trip to São Paulo with the delegates of Invest Shenzhen. On 31 August, we assisted in organizing the “China (Shenzhen) – Brazil (São Paulo) Investment Cooperation” Seminar, where more than 100 Brazilian businesses and entrepreneurs were present. Receiving great support from the President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Brazil, Mr. Daniel Manucci, we were not only able to generate a lot of interest among relevant players in the professional industries, who were keen to learn about the innovative environment of Shenzhen, but we also succeeded in debunking the common misconception that doing business in China is an incomprehensible affair for many Brazilian companies.

Invest Shenzhen is a government agency responsible for strengthening the city’s status as a leading location for business and creating a friendly environment for enterprises. Their mission is to attract direct investment projects and talents that are of strategic importance to Shenzhen, by providing high-quality, professional, one-stop government services to help enterprises around the world set up and expand their business in Shenzhen.

Mr. Rafael Murgi from Invest São Paulo giving welcoming remarks at the “China (Shenzhen) – Brazil (São Paulo) Investment Cooperation” Seminar, São Paulo, 31 August 2017.
Ms. Joana Alves, Assistant Manager of Latin Department of CW CPA, giving a presentation on practical aspects of doing business in China, São Paulo, 31 August 2017.
On 1 September, we took the delegation to the Secretariat of Energy and Mining of São Paulo State Government, where the Deputy Secretary of Energy and Mining, Ricardo Toledo, presented a profile of the São Paulo energy matrix. Over the course of the discussion, it became increasingly clear that cooperation could be further strengthened between Shenzhen and São Paulo especially in the renewable energy sector, as Shenzhen is facing a surge in demand for renewable energy for the city’s 20 million residents.
“Let’s identify the topics of common interest to start working together. We are open to cooperation with our (Brazilian) companies, because we are living in a special era in the area of energy in Brazil,” said the Secretary of Energy and Mining Secretary, Mr. João Carlos Meirelles. São Paulo, 1 September 2017.

It is widely known that Brazil has a strong sports industry and is commonly associated with the highest level of football expertise and team management skills as well as a well-structured ecosystem that supports the local football economy. China has introduced a series of policies to help improve the standard of football playing in China. On 27 November 2014, it was announced that football would become a compulsory part of the national curriculum at schools. By the end of 2017, about 20,000 schools will receive new football pitches and training facilities with the aim of creating 100,000 new players.

In this regard, a meeting with the Paulista Federation of Football took place on 1 September 2017. The Shenzhen delegation was received by the Vice-President of the Federation, Mr. Mauro Silva, who represented Brazil at the 1994 World Cup and two Copa América tournaments. During the meeting, the Director of Investment Promotion, Division 3 of Invest Shenzhen, Mr. Lei Jia, provided some background information on Shenzhen’s football industry and encouraged Brazilian football clubs to cooperate with Shenzhen football clubs. Mr. Pedro Barreto Ranciaro from the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Sao Paulo State Government also addressed issues such as those relating to technology, research and development cooperation in the sports therapy industry, football turf as well as football team/coach management.

Invest Shenzhen delegation meeting with Paulista Federation of Football, São Paulo, 1 September 2017.

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