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An Interview Article Posted by “Master Insight” – Thomas Wong on his Mettle in Expanding the Hispanic Market

CW CPA is gaining a foothold in the Latin American and Spanish markets.  As one of its two partners, Thomas Wong was interviewed by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants two years ago and his interview was subsequently reported by Master Insight, a growing online and traditional media publishing company in Hong Kong which has more than 65,000 online followers.  He shared how he got out of the box and established one of Hong Kong’s most distinctive Certified Public Accountants firms.  The interview article in Chinese was published on the Master Insight website on 21 November 2018.  For those who have not read it yet, let us take an opportunity to read the article and learn from Mr Wong’s Latin journey.

The guitar melodies of a Latin rock musician, Carlos Santana, nurtured Thomas Wong’s way of thinking international when he was a teenager.  Another inspiration for Mr Wong was the book Blue Ocean Strategy written by W. Chan Kim and Renee Maubourgne, which delivered a clear message: to stay away from the familiar.  He read the book in 2006, the same year he started exploring the Latin American market through his friend’s connections.

Since CW CPA’s establishment, Mr Wong has continued his Latin dream and been making the firm to be seen in Latin America and Spain as the go-to firm for entry into Hong Kong and mainland China.  He is not just dealing with numbers, but also gives overseas businessmen advice on everything from finding decoration workers to doctors.  Recently, he saw changes, one of which foreseen by him was the huge surge of interest in the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”).  As a strong advocate of the GBA concept, he believes the GBA will act as gateway for Latin American and overseas clients looking to expand their businesses into the mainland China and for Chinese companies to reach out to overseas.

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