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CW CPA meets Spanish Delegation and Invest Shenzhen

CW CPA meets Spanish Delegation and Invest Shenzhen

On the afternoon of September 5, 2017, CW CPA had the honor to meet the Spanish delegation from the Region of Murcia. After an in-depth discussion with the delegates as well as representatives from Invest Shenzhen, all parties reached a consensus on promoting opportunities for cooperation in the future.
Murcia is a region in the South East of Spain, and its climate is one of the driest in Spain along the Mediterranean coastline. However, a system has been developed to desalinate water efficiently; thanks to this, its agricultural sector is able to flourish and has become the strongest in its region. Offering an open, innovation and competitive business environment, Murcia has been growing rapidly, in part owing to its booming tourism industry.

70% of Murcia’s exports are currently shared between European countries (e.g. Great Britain, France and Italy). At present, economic and commercial ties between Murcia and China (including Hong Kong) are still in their infancy. Consequently, both Shenzhen and Murcia have a great desire for closer cooperation in areas such as agriculture, talent development and technology.