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China (Longgang)-Brazil Innovation and Start-up Exchange Conference

China (Longgang)-Brazil Innovation and Start-up Exchange Conference

On the afternoon of July 14, 2017, the China (Longgang)-Brazil Innovation and Start-up Exchange Conference was held in the Software Town of Shenzhen Universiade. Representatives from the Pato Branco Municipality, Juazeiro do Norte and its municipal government led a delegation comprising more than 30 local educational institutions, investment institutions and enterprises. At the conference, the Brazilian officials engaged in in-depth exchanges with representatives from the Municipal Government of Shenzhen City and the Longgang District Government as well as other business representatives. Both parties reached a consensus on the establishment of a long-term cooperative relationship and the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship in Brazil and China.

Ms Chen Huilin from Invest Shenzhen highlighted the favourable business environment of Shenzhen, which was followed by a comprehensive overview of the developments in industry, innovation, environment and investment in Longgang District by Mr Zhang Mingliang from Invest Longgang. The District already has agreements in place with Germany, Israel and seven other countries to construct an international “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Express Train”; and it hopes that Brazil would also jump on board.

Afterwards, Mr. Leonardo Uchoa, Founder of the Brazilian start-up, uGlobally, expressed his gratitude to the event organisers. He called for stronger cross-border cooperation and exchange between the two parties – not just in the trade of goods, but also in facilitating technological development and investment. In addition, Brazilian government officials promoted their innovative environment back home, warmly inviting Shenzhen enterprises to join their innovation centre where further exchanges with other innovative enterprises could take place. The renowned innovative enterprise, Shenzhen Yeefung Automation Technology Co., Ltd, flaunted its automated parking technology, piquing the interest of the Brazilian delegation. Finally, during the exchange session, a number of local enterprises reached a shared understanding with the Brazilian representatives; both parties signed an agreement on future cooperation.

The Brazilian delegation also visited two well-known enterprises in Longgang District, Shenzhen Longer3D Technology and Landing Med, where they praised Shenzhen’s innovative environment and said that they were able to garner a lot of useful knowledge at the conference. Upon their return to Brazil, they hope to undertake more promotional activities in other regions in order to further strengthen cooperation and partnership between the two sides.

Under the guidance of Invest Shenzhen, this event was organised by Invest Longgang, the Federation of Innovation Industry Carrier of Longgang Shenzhen P.R.C, Party Committee of Software Town of Shenzhen Universiade, CAS Longgang Technology Transfer Center and CW CPA.